Backstage Coverage: Red Dress Collection 2009.

Hi Loves-
Front row AND backstage access?! Yes, I, Ferocia was granted both this year for the Red Dress Collection, 2009 show. (And last year I couldn't even get an invite hahaha)
I arrived super early (8:15 a.m.! ugh) to the backstage entrance at the tents where I was immediately mistaken as a makeup artist (which was kinda cool, since I heart makeup artists!). After finally getting in touch w/my contact Bea Cardenas (Bumble and Bumble) I was told that the backstage area was housed within the NY Public Library. Strange, but upon entering, made perfect sense because there was alot more room there than in the backstage area at The Tent; plus with all those celebs walking around, each would def need their own space.
I spoke with Bumble and Bumble hair stylist Jimmy Paul while he created a beautiful chignon for actress Linda Carter about what he forecasts as some of the big trends in hair for the year:
"I think this is an amazing time for hair," he said. "I think people will get more into their hair because they can't afford everything else. I forecast an explosion of creativity."
He also noted that this will be a big year for the short haircut (complete with long bangs and short sides).
Next, on to the amazing Bobbi Brown, head makeup artist for the show. Once again, her company sponsored the show and created a limited edition Lip Gloss Trio. The trio includes three of Bobbi's favorite shades: Buff Lip Gloss, Pink Sugar Shimmer Lip Gloss and Slopes Shimmer Lip Gloss (available exclusively in this set). Only 500 of these limited edition palettes, will be available at www.bobbibrown.com for $40 each. (I immediately applied the Slopes Shimmer Lip Gloss after snagging my own!)
Bobbi said one of her favorite reasons for doing makeup at the show is because each celeb gas a different look and this year, most of the women wanted strong eye makeup.
"We're doing a lot of sparkly shadows," she said. "I've been using the Long Wear shadows and layering them in Rockstar and Galaxy. It's a really fun look with lots of lashes."
After waiting around for a bit, I was finally able to sneak into an interview with the actress Nia Long (she's so cute!). Nia shared that her main reason for participating in the show this year is because she felt it was important to promote awareness about heart disease within the community.
"I was actually stunned when I found out that heart disease was the number one killer among women," she said. "I really had no idea and I felt really ignorant not knowing that and it made me want to support the cause."
She also shared that within the African American community, heart disease and diabetes can be found and that it's important to her to educate African Americans about these diseases.
"It all really comes from the lack of education with our diets," she said.
Nia also expressed her enthusiasm about wearing her Tracey Reese dress on the runway.
"I don't have the nerve to wear a red dress to an event because I'm more subdued, but now I really have an excuse to wear red," she said.
Although I didn't get to talk with Jennie Garth or Tori Spelling (who's whittled her waist down to almost nothing after popping out those kids!) because I heart 90210, it was till fun to hang out backstage. I was actually more enthralled with the fact that I was talking and hanging out with Bobbi Brown than the celebrities!

Actress Jane Kaczmarek talks with reporters in her Michael Kors gown.

Actress Nia Long sits down to get her makeup done.

Bumble and Bumble hairstylist Jimmy Paul fixes actress Linda Carter's hair.

Jewelry for sale backstage to benefit The Heart Truth campaign.

Nia Long and Bobbi Brown (luv her!)

Bobbi Brown makeup used backstage.

Actress Hillary Duff gets the finishing touches put on her chignon.

Taking down Nia's pincurls.
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