Cheap Vibrations

Maybelline New York is launching the first drugstore brand vibrating mascara and at the low price of $14.95, beauty mavens can rejoice (and vibrate) together across the U.S.!
Much like Lancomme's Oscillation ($34, lancome-usa.com), this mascara also deliver 7,000 vibrations per minute but in 7 sychronized actions. As a result, you get thick, luscious, lengthened lashes with intense color and no clumps. The mascara comes in Very Black, Blackest Black and a waterproof shade, Very Black.
Maybelline's Pulse Perfection will hit drugstores nationwide July 2009, but you can snag yours beforehand in an exclusive online preview sale one day only on May 18, 2009. Visit Maybelline.com/pulse or participating retailers such as Target.com, Walmart.com, CVS.com or Walgreens.com.


Chantal B. said...

I can't wait to try this one out and I don't even wear mascara because I tear up. However, if this can assist me in putting it proper then 14.95 is a GREAT price.

Beautylicious said...

I think thats great! Maybelline is a step ahead.

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