Happy Halloween!!!

Hey Glamazons! We just wanted to wish all of you a happy (and safe!) Halloween.
We love Halloween because it gives us the opportunity to get creative and dress up in outfits that we might not normally wear on a normal basis. Plus, Ferocia finally gets to use all that makeup that she has (yesssss!) I mean, just look at this pic of us from last year hahahaha!
Feel free to send us TwitPics or post photos on our FaceBook wall showcasing your Halloween costumes!

The Glamazons

Ferocia's New Tool In The Battle Against Pesky Aging Things Like Crow's Feet (ewww!)

I’ve got a new secret skincare weapon that I’ve just got to share with you! (Because it would be super selfish of me NOT to tell you all about it and the fact that I’ve been using it non-stop since I was given the priviledge to receive it a couple of weeks ago at an event.)

So, without further ado, let me tell you all about the Clarisonic Opal. I’m sure that you’ve heard all about the actual Clarisonic for your face, right?

Well, just in case you may be saying “I don’t know what that is” while reading this, I guess it would only be fair for me to tell you all about it. The Cliff’s Notes version is that it it’s an awesome little face tool that utilizes gentle micro-massage action to gently cleanse skin so that you can better absorb facial products. In fact, there are all these fab clinical notes that have been published stating that you can remove six times the amount of makeup than you would with manual cleansing, reduce pore size, fine line and wrinkles while improving skin tone. Now, who doesn’t want this?!

So, after its wildly popular success, its great inventors came up with the Clarisonic Mia (a smaller, cuter version which I also scrub my face with religiously) and then TA-DA the Clarisonic Opal.

Us bloggers were treated to a little test preview at The Spa in the Trump SoHo tower. (Side note: Um, I was made to live in this building! It just exudes sexy swankness and I’m determined to one day have a penthouse suite there. Yeah, I said. Me. Stranger things have happened, right?! Hahahaha.)

I’m not sure of it you know it or not, but I’m obsessed with these crow’s feet that are starting to visibly creep onto my face (ewww!). So, I’ve been on a rampage to try and get rid of them. And now, dear Glamazons, I’ve finally found the tool that has done just so! This Opal is amazing in that it has the same vibrating, massaging technique as the Clarisonic except its used around your eyes. You know how they say you’re supposed to “gently pat” eye cream around the eye area lightly but don’t you ever wonder if you’re patting enough times or if you’re even doing it gently enough?! (I know I do!) The Opal takes all the guesswork out of this whole eye cream application business so you know that it’s getting done right and efficiently. And when things get done right and efficiently around your eye area, well, those pesky little crow’s feet just start to disappear over time like magic. And this Opal is so light and portable that you can take it everywhere with you!

Ah, I just love a skin miracle, don’t you!?

I know, I know the Opal is expensive ($245!) but believe me when I say that it’s totally worth the investment; and your face will thank you later. Also, if you can’t imagine being able to afford the actual Clarisonic, you can totally do its mini-me (the Mia) for $149.

You can feel good about your Mia purchase, too if you get the pink one since the brand is donating money to the national public service Look Good…Feel Better. This organization helps women with cancers manage their treatment and recovery with renewed spirit and greater confidence.

Both the Opal and Mia are available for purchase exclusively at Clarisonic.com and Sephora.com.

I’m telling you, after just one month with these products you’ll have the most lovely glowingest skin ever. Happy massaging!



Nigel Barker's Eternally Beautiful Face (Oh, And He Has A New Book Out, Too)

Nigel Barker really does have a beautiful face, Glamazons. And can you believe that my fellow blogging buddy Glambr grilled him about his skincare regime to no end and he doesn’t even really have one?! (Just drinks a lot of water..talk about some good genes!) That's him above..signing one of his new books for me. Isn't this an amazing pic?! Don't you love my Michelle Obama hair?! But (per usual), I’m getting ahead of myself..let me rewind back to the beginning.

One particularly stressful morning as I was wondering how the heck I was going to pay my rent for the month, I made my way down to SoHo to hear what Nigel Barker had to say about his new book, Beauty Equation. It was kind of strange that it was at Citibabes, which is basically like a daycare center for really rich parents, but whatever. Who am I to question event spaces? Needless to say, it turned out that having the background noise of screaming children while attempting to listen to this great man talk about his new book was not a particularly awesome experience so there wasn’t much that I got from the presentation.

However, lucky for me and my addiction to E! Television that I caught him the night before during a segment giving some pretty awesome style and red carpet tips.

Side note: You know how sometimes you take a pic and it looks like you have a third chin? Well, he said on the E! segment that you can avoid this by tilting your head back and then bringing it slowly forward right before taking a photo. No more turkey neck..genius!

While he did give some interesting background about himself (it seems like the man is head over heels in love with his wife) all I could think about was the fact that he is just as gorgeous as he looks on TV (if not better). I also thought that what a breathtakingly beautiful child we could have together.

But, all that is beside the point. The point is that his book is not as pretentious as one would think (considering that his main gig is to judge young girls on America's Next Top Model) and that I think that you should check it out. It also just happens to feature pictures of several editors that I know or have worked in the past with so it makes it that much more cooler in my book. (We all know that it would have been even more amazing if I’d have been featured in it as well, but that’s ok. I have high hopes and dreams that we’ll one be working together in some form of fabulous capacity.)

And how awesome is that he signed my book “To the most beautiful woman in the world?!” Yes, Glamazons, true story. (See below)

Beauty Equation retails for about $15 and is available now for purchase at a major bookstore near you (think Barnes & Noble). Be sure to let me know what you think of it after you check it out!




Ferocia's Two Cents On The Marie-Claire-Obese-People-Debacle

Hey Glamazons! OK, OK I know that I’m super late and just about everyone and their mom has said something about it already, but this whole Marie Claire blog post debacle has been on my mind for awhile now. And I totally have a blog (obvs!) so why not post my two cents about it, right?!

So, just in case you’re behind in the news, this blogger Maura Kelly that writes about Sex and Relationships for MarieClaire.com took to the net to air her opinions on fat people displaying public affection for each other. (Click here to read it.)

I’ve never actually watched the show she discusses (CBS sitcom Mike & Molly), but supposedly it's getting flack for the loads of “fat jokes” that are told on it as well as the fact that some viewers “aren’t comfortable watching intimacy between two plus-sized actors.”

In a nutshell, I think Maura's entire blog post was pretty insensitive, but the part that disturbs me the most was not that she voiced the fact of being grossed out at the idea of watching fat people make out but this:

“I think obesity is something that most people have a ton of control over. It’s something they can change, if only they put their minds to it.”

And then goes on to offer diet advice.


Excuse me, Miss Kelly it’s OK to voice your opinion, but don’t presume to try and tell others how they should live (or lead) their lives.

I’m not an obese person, but I do have some friends and family members that are and never in life would I ever try to tell them how to lose weight when I myself would probably be the same if I didn’t have a high metabolism. (Yes, I have a seriously sad love affair with foods that aren’t always the best for me and working out is not exactly at the top of my to-do list.)


However, it does make my stomach turn to watch an obese person eat so would that be the same thing as her saying that she can’t stand the idea of them making out on public television? Is it insensitive for me to also say that I get angry when a fat person sits next to me on the train and hogs up all the space?

Yes, it probably is. But never in a million years would I ever judge anyone for being obese or even super skinny for that matter. It’s your life and you have to live it for yourself and no one else.

So, essentially, I don’t think that there’s harm in Maura actually voicing her opinion about what she views as being attractive (obese people obviously not being one of her top faves) but more so in the fact that she’s writing about (and passing judgment on) a whole topic that she knows nothing about.

Also, the fact that she’s writing on behalf of a women’s magazine that’s supposed to love all women (no matter what the size) makes it even worse. (Side note: It also doesn’t help that they currently have one of the skinniest women in America (i.e. Victoria Beckham) on their November 2010 cover.)

Although she’s since written an apology addendum to the blog post and added that she herself has struggled with anorexia, the damage has been done. Thousands of people have taken to the cyberworld to voice their opinions through MarieClaire’s Face Book and Twitter pages announcing that they’ve cancelled their subscriptions. I’m also pretty sure that Maura will never be able to show her face in the cyberworld again without receiving some sort of hate mail attached.

But, I want to know what you think about all this, Glamazons. Do you agree with me above when I say that it’s meaner that Maura passed judgment on obese people rather than the fact that she states that seeing them make out in public disgusts her? Am I wrong to say the things that I said above about fat people? Does anyone out there actually agree with what Maura writes?! Let’s talk about it below in the comments section.




Lanvin for H&M - New Images!

Lanvin for H&M continues to tease us by slowly releasing photos to build up hype for the launch. Cruel, right?

The second image of the collection has hit the internet via Vogue UK. Where the first teaser showed black satin jackets and dresses with balloon necklines and rosettes, the second image is conversely vibrant and color-happy.

Feminine flourishes like florals and ruffles define these pieces that are stylishly mixed with leopard print pumps and clutches. Tres chic!

I'm partial to the satin black numbers, but the collection as a whole still seems fabulous. What do you think about the second image?

In their campaign to get us all excited for the launch, the good folks at Lanvin for H&M are planning a runway show and a short film directed by Mike Figgis (Leaving Las Vegas). Umm, can I just shop the clothes already? Thanks...

Are you excited for the launch?




Kanye West "Runaway" Full-Length Version

Kanye West finally debuted his 35-minute film, "Runaway" on television today simultaneously on MTV, MTV2 and BET.

In my opinion, the film, directed by Kanye and written by Hype Williams, is completely brilliant! It's a dark, poignant, otherworldly, passionate love story between Kanye (Griffon) and Selita Ebanks (The Phoenix).

It's pleasing both sonically and visually. Artistically, it pushes the envelope. Kanye fuses different types of music and art, including my favorite scene which incorporates classic ballet and modern African dance. And the music featured is primarily from Kanye's upcoming album, "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" which I'm so excited about!

It's wrought with symbolism from the Michael Jackson tribute scene (which Kanye says represents our "cult"-like obsession with pop culture) to the "Last Supper" scene where black guests are catered to by white servants and Selita is attacked for being "different" (a guest asks "Do you know your girlfriend's a bird?).

Kanye interpreted the love story between him and Selita for New York Magazine: "It's the story of a phoenix fallen to Earth and I make her my girlfriend, and people discriminate against her and eventually she has to burn herself alive and go back to her world."

Some speculate that the love story between Selita and Kanye is a reference to his relationship with Amber Rose, who as a former stripper was certainly considered different within the Hollywood crowd Kanye operates in. Despite my (and everyone else's) Amber Rose comparisons, Kanye says every woman in his life is represented in the film, including his late mother, Donda West.

His relationship with Amber is an interesting parallel since after Kanye brings Selita into his world (the dinner scene) and she doesn't conform to fit in, she abandons him in a fiery blaze to go back to where she feels comfortable and free.

The scene in the beginning and near the end of the film is him desperately running after her. Pretty haunting and sad if you think of the Phoenix as his Mom, who died trying to conform. In his XXL cover story, Kanye hints at that by associating Los Angeles (and the Hollywood lifestyle) with his Mom's death maintaining that she wouldn't have died anywhere else. And Los Angeles is the world he brought her to, like how he brought the Phoenix to the dinner party...but I digress...

Kanye revealed that the phoenix represents him as well, particularly when he retreated from the public eye after famously embarrassing Taylor Swift at the VMA's and re-emerged a wiser, more tactful Kanye. In that way, if the Phoenix is indeed Amber Rose, it's less about Kanye bringing Amber Rose into his world but more about them existing in a parallel universe where they can both be free and different. That's fascinating to me because it means that Kanye doesn't "fit in" to his world either. He hinted at this on MTV.com yesterday saying he is "an artist that was made a celebrity." Hmm...

Anyway, I could go all day trying to read Kanye's mind! If you missed it, take a moment to watch it, admire the visuals and fashions (by Phillip Lim) and delve into the meaning behind Kanye's symbolism. Tell me what you think about the film.



Photo Source


Ten Shoes that Could Have Been Saks Fifth Avenue's Sexiest Shoe of the Year

In the shoe news heard 'round the world, Saks Fifth Avenue named Christian Louboutin's Maralena shoe the sexiest shoe of the year.

Yes, I am obsessed with Christian Louboutin but the Maralena shoe is by far not the sexiest, in my opinion. This year turned out a parade of sultry sandals that make the Maralena shoe look like a pair of tennis shoes.

In no particular order, here are ten sexier shoes that rocked my world this year:

1. Brian Atwood Lola Booties

2. Azzedine Alaïa Lace Front Peeptoe Ankle Boots

3. Charlotte Olympia Suede Leaf Open Toe Boots

4. Christian Siriano Claw Heels for Payless

5. Raphael Young Boots

6. Christian Louboutin Crystal Encrusted Suede Pump

7. Yves Saint Laurent Cage Booties

8. Giuseppe Zanotti Designs Strappy Jewel Detail Sandals

9. Jimmy Choo Quito Snakeskin Booties

10. United Nude X Iris Van Herpen Shoes

What are yours? Do you agree that Christian Louboutin Maralena was the sexiest? Let's discuss.



Ad Glam: Jennifer Lopez and Kids Star in Campaign for Gucci Children's Line

If you thought Jennifer Lopez would lose an ounce of sex appeal after becoming a mother, you are sadly mistaken.

The mother of twins Max and Emme (with husband Marc Anthony), JLo still rocks a photo shoot like no other, as you can see in her ad campaign for Gucci. Lopez gives the only Zoolander face, while holding and playing with her kids, who couldn't be more adorable and oblivious.

Shot in Malibu, California, by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot, the campaign advertises Gucci's children's line which will launch Spring 2011. The line for toddlers (0 to 2 years) and kids (2-8 years) will include rompers, tees, bibs, blankets, leather jackets, leggings and more. Cute!

To celebrate the launch, Gucci will donate one million dollars to UNICEF's "Schools for Africa."  Check out some pictures for the kids' line below:

While I adore the clothes and the ads (and am thrilled about the donation!), how much is too much to spend on clothes for toddlers and babies? As much as you love your little child (lord knows I adore my niece, Naomi), they're going to spit up on their clothes and grow out of them in five minutes anyway.

What do you think of the ads? And would you ever spend a ton of money on luxury children's clothes?

Is the New Calvin Klein Ad Simulating Gang Rape?

Let's be honest: Calvin Klein isn't known for being socially responsible when it comes to advertising. But their latest ad may be indecent and disturbing, even for them.

The photograph, which depicts a half-naked woman lying lifeless while surrounded by shirtless hunks (one on top of her, one grabbing her hair, another seemingly waiting his turn), was banned by Australia's Advertising Standards Bureau.

They claimed it invokes violence against women. One critic said the ad "imitates gang rape to advertise the brand."

I do see traces of gang rape in the ad: her lifeless body, her passivity while the surrounding men engage in aggressive physical contact, the gate which conjures thoughts of street violence and crime. But are we reading into the ad too much?

Claims of gang rape being simulated in ads are sadly not new. This ad brings to memory that of Dolce & Gabbana which I found equally alarming as it pictures a man pinning a woman down by the wrists while others stand waiting their turn.

And of course, who can forget the Akoo ad scandal in Newark where critics argued oral sex was being simulated to sell jeans?

What do you think of Calvin Klein's ad? Is it simulating gang rape? Is it socially irresponsible? Discuss.



FIRST LOOK: Beyonce's House of Dereon Temporary TEMPTU Tattoos

Happy Friday, Glamazons! So, remember that post that Coutura wrote awhile back about Beyonce and her rock-grunge-glam look from the House of Dereon Fall 2010 photo shoot? Well, besides the fact that she looks like an older, more sophisticated version of Rihanna, she's covered in tattoos! (All fake, of course, but still cool!) With that said, remember when she also told you that Beyonce was going to sell a line of temporary tats at Sephora?!
Now they're here! And how super smart of them to team up with one of my fave makeup brands, TEMPTU (have you tried their AIRbrushing Makeup System yet?! Genius!) to create these limited edition temporary tattoos.
According to Mama Knowles (i.e. Tina), the inspiration for the shoot was a "60's pin-up girl meets futuristic biker chick" and she and Beyonce invited TEMPTU to help them create custom body art to model with the fashions.
"The resulting images were so incredibly strong that we realized consumers might want to re-create the tattoos themselves," Tina said. "We are thrilled to to partner with TEMPTU to bring this limited edition collection of temporary tattoos to the market this holiday season."
Here's what they look like:

Each basic kit retails for $16 and is available for purchase right now at sephora.com, temptu.com and dereon.com! They'll hit Sephora shelves by November 1.
The kit includes: 8 Temporary Tattoo transfer sheets (2 each of 4 designs); 10 Tattoo application pads and 3 collectible kit designs featuring various shots of Beyonce from the Fall 2010 House of Dereon ad campaign.
For the hard-core Beyonce Stans out there, TEMPTU is offering the Tattoo Deluxe Kit. It costs $34 and will include: 500 tattoos; a collector's edition box housing all three kits; a signed Beyonce poster; and a chance to win a Golden Ticket.

What's this Golden Ticket business about you may ask?! Well, there are three of 'em hidden inside of the Deluxe Kits. If you happen to get one, you'll win:
-A trip for you and a friend to NYC for a Beyonce/Dereon-style temporary tattoo photoshoot at the TEMPTU studio
-Meet and greet with TEMPTU VP Global Artistry
-Visit to Sephora for AIRbrush Makeup System Demo
-Visit to Dereon office for a meet and greet with the team
-Dinner with TEMPTU and Dereon hosts
-Tickets to a Broadway show

Sounds like fun, right?! Hopefully it's going to be one of OUR readers that wins the Golden Ticket hahaha.
What do you think of these temporary tattoos, Glamazons? Is it something that you'd wear? I'm personally digging the spine tattoo on the left..perhaps something that I could throw on for Halloween? (Since I still so obvs don't have a costume yet..ugh...)



Sneak Peek: Lanvin for H&M

The collaboration of my dreams made its web debut this week via an ad on The Cut Blog and I'm already spotting several pieces that will live in my wardrobe forever.

Where most masstige* collections skimp on size and even style, Lanvin for H&M is conversely elegant and fashion-forward. In style and silhouette, they represent a reworking of clothes from his eponymous collection, including the one shoulder balloon neckline that so many fashionistas adored in Spring 2009.

According to The Cut, David Sims shot the campaign, which stars Hannelore Knuts, Jane Schmitt, Tati Collitar and Natasha Poly.

The first four pieces are shrouded in black (fashion's favorite color) and two have a belted silhouette, my kind of clothes. So sophisticated!

What do you think of the looks? Do they live up to the hype? Will you shop the collection when it hits stores November 23rd.

*Glamazon Dictionary: masstige: prestige items sold at mass retailers.

Get The Look: Willow Smith's Whip My Hair Video

As you guys know, I've been rooting for Willow Smith ever since she wore her leopard print outfit on the red carpet so no one's happier than me to see her new amazing video for Whip My Hair (except maybe her parents, lol).

In addition to the vivacious looks (hello braided heart and bejeweled fingernails!) and the step routine (which so brought me back to my step team in junior high), my fave part is when Willow whips paint all over the white classroom.

To me, it symbolizes how she brings a burst of energy, newness and color to the stagnant world of music/pop. And how brave do you have to be to stand out as a kid, when all the other nine year-olds are succumbing to peer pressure and trying to fit in?? Bravo little Willow!

She told Ryan Seacrest: “You can’t be afraid to be yourself. You have to be yourself and you can’t let anyone tell you that it’s wrong!” That's some great teaching right there, Jada and Will.

Now, for the point of this post: in celebration of Willow's video and general amazingness, I have decided to be her for Halloween, which is incidentally her 10th birthday. And I fully invite any of you guys to rock the costume as well (including my gay BF who already informed me he picked Willow first and is going as her too lol).

Here, in my view, are the key elements to Willow's look. Let the search begin!

1 - Braided Hair Heart

Hello! If you're going to whip your hair back and forth, it better be a hot style. What's cooler than a nine year-old girl turning those silly braids your mom always put you in into an artsy, funky, standout style. I'm thinking of getting a braided hair wig so I can bobby pin a heart at the top, and still have some in the back to whip around all night long!

2 - Bejeweled Fingernails and Lips

Before critics go accusing of her of being too young to paint her nails, notice they're bejeweled and in funky colors - very fun and youthful, no? I'm painting each nail in a different color and slapping on some cute rhinestones to get the look. Oh and rhinestones will go on the lips too.

3 - Funky Footwear

If you're wondering what look Willow is most famous for, I'll tell you: it's the post that gets the most hits on our blog 'till this day: her Converse sneaker pants. I'd die to get my hands on those for Halloween (fashion Gods, do you hear me?) but if not, some funky lace-up leggings will work just fine.

4 - Mixed Color and Prints

Willow is pretty fearless when it comes to mixing colors and prints. Zebra print, pink, leopard print, graphic tops (love the "I <3 Me" top), red and white stripes, neon, buckles all mesh seamlessly together in Willow's fashion world. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the fun part. I look forward to mixing and matching to my heart's content right out of my own closet; I mean what other chance will I have to wear that electric pink top? Exactly...

5 - Accessories Galore!

If there's a ruffled purse or a pair of buckled boots on Willow's fashion radar, she's going to rock it and she won't let convention get in her way. I'm taking note: my colorful sequin purse will make its Halloween debut as well as a pair of fingerless gloves. Save your judgement; if Willow likes it, I love it!

Here are some pieces to get the look below:

And like every Halloween, send your pics to theglamazonsblog@gmail.com to get your costume featured in our roundup...can't wait to see the other 'Willows' out there!



WIN IT: $100 Gift Card to the L'Oreal Paris Boutique in New York!

Hey Glamazons! Did you know that L'Oreal Paris is opening a new boutique here in New York October 28?! Well, now you do so you have no excuse not to head over for their opening party from 5-8 p.m. inside of Bed Bath & Beyond located at 61st St. and 1st Avenue. There will be mini-makeovers and you can even get free samples!
What's so great about the L'Oreal Paris Boutique, you ask? Well, it's stocked full of skincare, hair care, cosmetics and hair color products..basically everything that you need in life to get glam! Unlike your usual run-of-the-mill drugstore stand, this boutique will include real life beauty advisors to give you prestige service at much cheaper price points.

And, because Coutura and I are about all things glam, we're offering one lucky reader the chance to win a $100 gift card to the L'Oreal Paris Boutique! Just leave us a comment below telling us why you think you're worth it and Coutura and I will pick the best response. (Also, keep in mind that you must live in the New York area.) Super easy, right?!
Good luck to all who enter and happy shopping!


Watch FLIRT!'S Halloween Look Video

Halloween is right around the corner (eeek!) and although I have no idea as to what I'm going to be this year (I always wait until the very last second to decide upon a costume) there's no excuse as to why I can't have a makeup look in mind, right?! Here's a great how-to video from FLIRT! Cosmetics on how you can create your own Flirty Fairy or Sexy Sorceress makeup look. Check it out below:


A Day In The Life: Running Russell Simmons Premiere Party

Hey Glamazons! I know that I start off all event posts saying how tired I am, but it's the truth: I'm exhausted. Pretty much every single day of my life, if that's possible hahaha.
But, I felt like I had a little bit more energy than usual after attending the Daisy Fuentes fragrance launch event Tuesday night (more on that in a bit!) so I hit up my friend Elaine to find out if anything was hopping in the city.
Lo and behold, there was the premiere party for Russell Simmons' new TV show on Oxygen, 'Running Russell Simmons' going down at Lavo. I quickly called my other friend Adair (that's him in the pic above wearing the green sweater...he works very closely with Russell so you'll probably see lots more of him on the show!) to let him know I was coming over and jumped on the train.
Side note: I'm pretty sure that about 99.9% of New York nights begin in this manner: one event leads to one phone call that leads to a string of texts and before you know it you've nailed down a location. SCORE!
After arriving at Lavo (which just so happens to be one of the newest and hottest joints in the city) it was only a matter of seconds before I'd talked the list girls into letting me inside the party. The first folks I noticed were those two publicists from the show 'The Spin Crowd' (which to me is a serious fail! Have any of you watched it? It's so boring..yawn...)

Here's Russell along with Jonathan Cheban (on the right) and Simon Huck (on the left) from 'The Spin Crowd.' At least they left their annoying co-stars at home...

I then noticed my good friend Carlos from PEOPLE magazine and miserably failed in trying to greet him because the music was sooooo loud! (Shout outs to DJ Cassidy for spinning some great music! I was dancing up a storm by the end of the event hahaha).
After greeting some more familiar faces, I was finally given about 2.5 seconds to chat it up with Mr. Russell Simmons himself. Now, before I began please note that I think he's an awesome man and a lot of our discussion centered around yoga so I won't bore you with any of that stuff.
But, I did ask him the million dollar question of "Why should we be excited about your show?" and he responded by saying that he "hopes that it's different" from what's already out there. How so? Well, according to Russell, he didn't really script his show too much and tried to bring big issues to the screen such as gay rights, animal rights and tons of social political activities.
He also emphasized that we'd see him engaging in a lot of prayer and yoga as well as take a glimpse into his dating life.
Of course, you know I had to ask if he only dated models. (Because that's all he's ever around you know...models) and he said "Well, I can only date one person at a time. I meet models a lot since I live and work in the Fashion District."

Russell with his honey of the moment, model Heidy Allende. They even gave a smooch on the 'green' carpet. Besides being gorge, Heidy is actually a really nice woman and gave me hugs and not those fake air kisses like most models do which is a plus in my book!

Hmmm...doesn't sound like too good of an excuse to me, Russell, but I'll let it slide. Check out some highlights from the event below:

Gayle King was there! She didn't stay very long so I wasn't able to get close enough to declare my undying love for her or beg for a job at O Magazine...sigh...

Pepa showed up and actually partied! The highlight of the evening came when DJ Cassidy played 'Shoop' and Pepa hopped on stage to rap her lyrics! Made my LIFE to see her perform. I've been in love with her since sixth grade and always wanted to see a Salt-n-Pepa concert. Alas, they broke up before I was old enough so seeing Pepa do this is probably the closest I'll ever get. I would have taken pictures but my phone and camera were already dead. I know, a serious blogger fail...ugh....

Selita Ebanks was looking her usual pretty self. Nick Cannon was also there, but neither of the two seemed to notice each other. (Or if they did they did a good job of pretending hahaha). It was kind of weird to see Selita not all glammed up in a tight fitting dress and uber high heels, but either way she's still beautiful so whatever.

Oh and I think every female at the party (except me) took a picture with Tyson Beckford...because he's just that pretty.

Russell's brother Rev. Run and his fam also showed up to give love (don't you miss their television show!? I do!) and I even got in a five second chat with funny man Tracy Morgan. Ashley Dupre was there (wearing a lot of clothes) and Rev. Al Sharpton made sure to greet everyone there at the party. So, as you can tell Glamazons, good times were had by all. I mean, any man that can bring a crowd like that out on a Tuesday night is just destined to have a fab television show!

Be sure to check out 'Running Russell Simmons' when it premieres November 2 at 10/9c on Oxygen and let me know what you think about it.

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